Saturday, 13 February 2016


I know. I know. I'm like suuuuper late in the game.

I don't really know what happened.

It was November, and I blinked, and now its February.


That all being said, I wanted to talk a little about my goals for the next year. None of this new year new me stuff. Just a few things that I hope to achieve over the next 11 months. (Obviously it would have been 12 if I would have written this post when I was supposed bad.)

1. Live With Joe.

Having been together for six years now, the time is finally right for us to start looking for a place. We've both decided that we wanna live within walking distance of town, so we'll be probably be looking for the smallest boxiest flat in an attic next to a main road, but I really could not be more excited to get a place that is just ours  

2. Learn To Make Sourdough.

This is a skill I've been saying I'll learn for at least a year now.. I think it's time I stopped talking and actually started practicing..

3. Quit Shopping Online/Buy More Locally.

Late night online shopping is my kryptonite and a habit I that really need to kick. As for shopping local, this is something I have been interested in since my Support Dairy post back in 2015, and I can't wait to explore more of Bath's independent scene in the coming months.

4. Improve My Photography.

I began this process last year, and whilst I am slowly beginning to understand how to control my camera, I still find that when faced with a scene that I actually want to capture, I immediately panic, fear that I won't get the settings right, and switch back to auto.

I long to have confidence in my skills and knowledge; to trust in myself; to capture the beauty in the everyday.

Thankfully, with resources like Skillshare and Xanthe Berkeley's Film Course, I might be able to make that a reality this year.

5. Practice My French.

I love the process of learning something new -its so important to keep our brains active- and I used to practice Duolingo most evenings before bed, but I fell out of the habit at the end of last year, and haven't yet picked it back up again.

Maybe writing this post will be the reminder I need to get back to it...

Did you make any resolutions this year? Or do you prefer to abstain from the whole new year new me thing?

Friday, 11 December 2015

EXPLORE | Scott Monument, Edinburgh

One of my favorite things that I did in Edinburgh (aside from eating a lot of cake, obvs) was climb Scott Monument. All 287 steps.

A 60 meter monument to Sir Walter Scott situated right in the center of the city, the tower offers amazing views over Arthurs Seat, the Castle, and Calton Hill.

I climbed the tower pretty early (like 10:15 or something), which not only meant that I got to enjoy the early morning light (sorry, clouds..), but also that that tower wasn't too busy; it gets very narrow at the top..

Seriously narrow.

Like seriously seriously. (I'm concerned you're not taking me seriously here!) I'm tiny. Like super tiny. Like 5 foot 2 inches small. And I had a squeeze up the final set of stairs.

And there is only one set of stairs!

You wouldn't wanna meet someone trying to come down, when you we're trying to climb up!

Maybe I'm over reacting, and maaaybe I've exaggerated the space in my mind in the passing weeks, but really, go early, before there is anyone else to fight for space with.

So I guess if you take anything from this series of posts about Edinburgh it would be that a) Edinburgh has a lot of good places to eat cake, and b) visit Scott Monument, and do it early. Or on a week day. Or last thing at night. Just don't go at any time when there might be other people there! (oh dear, I'm starting to sound just like my crowd-hating-father..)

Much Love, 

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

PHOTO DIARY | Edinburgh pt 2

On my second day in the city we began the day with bacon butties before heading up another hill -this time Calton Hill- home to many of the cities most recognizable monuments.

From there we pottered into town, heading for the roof terrace of National Museum of Scotland. The museum is free to visit, and the views from the top are well worth checking out if you find yourself with a few minuets spare.

Having taken in two different views of the city in as many hours, we decided that it was high time to find some more cake.

Lovecrumbs had been recommended to me by everyone I know that has spent any time in Edinburgh, so, having said a quick hello to Greyfriars Bobby (apparently its lucky to touch his nose..), we headed off to Old Town, and another helping of cake and tea. I don't remember exactly what I ordered, but I do remember that it was delicious..

Full again with cake, we we're headed to one of the cities coolest vintage shops when we got distracted by one of the coolest second hand book shops I have ever seen.

And then again by an adorable Ice-cream bar. Because who can say no to delicious pumpkin spice ice-cream on a cold October afternoon.. (though I wish now that we had had a hot chocolate too..)

On my final day in the city I headed to the National Portrait Gallery whilst Flo did some uni work. I think I know which of us got the better deal there.. ;)

I especially enjoyed the display of BP Portrait Award entries, and 'Drawn to the Land', a series of photographs depicting some of Scotland's lady farmers.. you can take the girl out of the farm, but not the farm out of the girl apparently.. ;)

Flo and I met again for lunch at the Ting Thai Caravan (sorry, no photo's, I was too busy eating..), before walking off all the noodles with a march up Arthur's Seat.

The perfect end to a really great three days.

Thanks for having me Flo!

Much Love,