Friday, 11 December 2015

EXPLORE | Scott Monument, Edinburgh

One of my favorite things that I did in Edinburgh (aside from eating a lot of cake, obvs) was climb Scott Monument. All 287 steps.

A 60 meter monument to Sir Walter Scott situated right in the center of the city, the tower offers amazing views over Arthurs Seat, the Castle, and Calton Hill.

I climbed the tower pretty early (like 10:15 or something), which not only meant that I got to enjoy the early morning light (sorry, clouds..), but also that that tower wasn't too busy; it gets very narrow at the top..

Seriously narrow.

Like seriously seriously. (I'm concerned you're not taking me seriously here!) I'm tiny. Like super tiny. Like 5 foot 2 inches small. And I had a squeeze up the final set of stairs.

And there is only one set of stairs!

You wouldn't wanna meet someone trying to come down, when you we're trying to climb up!

Maybe I'm over reacting, and maaaybe I've exaggerated the space in my mind in the passing weeks, but really, go early, before there is anyone else to fight for space with.

So I guess if you take anything from this series of posts about Edinburgh it would be that a) Edinburgh has a lot of good places to eat cake, and b) visit Scott Monument, and do it early. Or on a week day. Or last thing at night. Just don't go at any time when there might be other people there! (oh dear, I'm starting to sound just like my crowd-hating-father..)

Much Love, 

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