Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Welcome, Sven.

So my favorite littlest -as opposed to my favorite little- sister has declared the moose to be called Sven, and guess what- He's finished! It was actually more work than I was expecting, but I'm so pleased with the results, and I learned some new skills along the way; he was heavier than I though, so he needed properly screwing into the wall, which meant my mum and I got to play about with the power tools.

Last time I blogged about this project, I was undecided weather I should decoupage the head, or simply paint it. In the end, I decided to paint it- I thought perhaps decoupage might look too 'busy' in the small stairway, and also I figured if I painted it, and didn't like it, it would be easier to decoupage on top, rather than the other way round.

Following my dads advice, I painted first with a layer of undercoat, and then with two coats of white emulsion. I toyed with the idea of painting the moose pink or blue or something, but in the end, just left it white, and I'm so glad I did- it looks so sleek and modern and the white fits in perfectly. I so so pleased with it. 

1) The finished result- So awesome! 2) I made some bunting from old wrapping paper to hang from his antlers- I love the idea that I can change it seasonally. 3) Sven in situ. 

Much Love.

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