Friday, 26 October 2012

Homemade Hand warmers.

So a while back, before the weather turned, I was desperately trying to procrastinate from my dissertation, so thought it would be a REALLY good idea start preping for the winter months. (just to put it out there.. it wasn't.. with hindsight, I probably should have just got on with the dissertation, hehe.)

As is the case with many other bloggers, I love pintrest; I find it an invaluable source of inspiration, so naturally my next move was to search through their archives to find the perfect pocket hand warmers. And boy did I hit the jack-pot with this pair.  They're so adorable, and so easy to make using bits and bobs I had lying around in my house.

1) I adapted the original design, by embroidering 'love' into one, and the cross stitch heart onto the other. 2) the back- its so simple, and I love how homemade they look with the wobbly stitching. I like to think it adds character..

I am so pleased with these; they were super fast to make, just one evening in front of the telly, and you've got a finished product. And they've been so useful already, I just pop them into the microwave for 30 seconds, and my hands stay nice and toasty for a good half and hour (perfect for those early mornings at the bus stop). Such a great idea- kudos pintrest.

Much Love, 

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