Monday, 31 March 2014

A slightly belated Happiness Project: Week Ten

This series is so great, it really makes me stop and think about each week, and everything I've been able to do. Take this week for example, I've not gotten enough sleep, so I've been irritable and grumpy, and I've thought it was totally rubbish, but now I've stopped, and thought about it, and remembered what I got up to each day, I can actually see that it was pretty awesome. Which is cool.

Monday - Lunch with my favorite boy; we took a spontaneous trip to the firehouse rotisserie in town, and had some delicious delicious pizza. And I may or may not have spent the rest of the day playing with my new phone. Its so beautiful. And there are so many apps. The decision to move from windows to android was a good one.

Tuesday - Some colleagues and I went on a post work climbing trip to bloc in Bristol. I'm pretty new to the whole thing, and my goodness did I ache after, but it was such fun! (now all I can think of is Miranda's mother..)
such fun photo:  tumblr_lqkypwQxnb1qj4wnb.gif

Wednesday - Tea with my favorite Aunt, and the Grandparents. I will be forever grateful for times like these.

Thursday - Post work chilling with my boy. The sweetest end to a long day.

Friday - The boyfriend and I took a trip to rainbow woods to play with his new camera. We looked like proper tourists with our matching DSLRs. I'm weirdly okay with this.

Saturday - Wagamamas' with some of my favorite ladies. We don't get to see each other so much these days, since we're all busy working/at uni, so those times when we do get to hang out feel extra special. Also, noodles, 'nuff said.

Sunday - Adventures with my mister. The weather was so beautiful, and I couldn't bear to be inside all day, so we drove over to the village of Nunney; we explored a ruined castle, and had a pint in the beer garden at The George (which by the way, is surprisingly nice). The whole day was so lovely, and if you're looking for something to do, and in the area (and have the sense of fun of a middle aged woman, like I do), then I would definitely advise you check it out!

 I had quite a lot of time off this week, so I got to do lots of lovely things, which was awesome (though I do hope it doesn't become too regular, I've got some awesome adventures in South East Asia to save for!!)

I hope all your weeks were as sunny and lovely as mine.

Much Love,

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