Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Dyrham Park

Towards the end of last week the boyfriend and I took a visit to another  national trust property (they keep trying to persuade us to become members, and sadly its getting to the point where we're running out of reasons not to. And it would make financial sense.. oh dear. we're so middle aged)

As per usual, this place is less than half and hour from my house, and typically, I'd never been. I guess with so much farm land on our doorstep my family never felt the need to get into the car and drive to talk a walk, but boy have we been missing out! This can be explained in one little word. Four letters. One syllable.


Yes the gardens were beautiful. Yes the house looked awesome (we didn't have time to go inside, we'll have to save that for another day). Yes the views over the parkland were spectacular, (you could see all the way to wales). But it was the Fallow Deer that really stole the show.

We stumbled across the first group completely by accident. In fact, we had been sitting literally just around the corner from them, bemoaning the lack of deer, and the clearly misguided advice of the volunteer who said that they were likely to be in that part of the park. How wrong we were. Two seconds later we found them, chilling in the shelter of the hill we had been sat on top of.

'Oh Hey There' 


Having had a quick picnic lunch, surrounded by vintage farm carts we stumbled across the biggest deer yet. Check out this guys antlers! These deer were a little older than the first bunch, and seemed completely unconcerned by our presence.

Photo courtesy of my favorite boy and his telephoto lens. Sigh. I gotta get me one of those.

These guys were so chill | Views past Neptune towards the house

Having done a good loop around the park (and seen even more deer), we made our way into the orangery, and onto the formal gardens. It was pretty.


 a pretty pink rose

 The Orangery | Even the back of the house was beautiful

Apple Blossom 

This was such a great day out, seeing the deer was amazing, and even if you don't manage to see any, the parks and gardens were really lovely, and the fresh air and gentle rolling hills really cured any traces of hangover that may have been lingering about.

Not that I'd ever be hungover of course..

Much Love, 

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