Friday, 20 June 2014


I promised Cocktails, and here they are! :)

Based on this recipe


200ml of gin
80ml of cordial
400ml of tonic water
1/4 of a cucumber

Makes enough for 4 people (though if you want more than one, you may want to double the quantities).

We had to buy some cordial, because we've had a couple of parties at ours recently, and all the stuff I made with my mamma had gone! 

They were super easy to make, we simply popped some ice cubes in a jug, poured over the gin, tonic and cordial, and peeled over some cucumber (I don't think there is any actual benefit to peeling instead of slicing, I just like the look..)

Pour into fancy cocktail glasses, and enjoy!

This was the first outing of my glasses- a 21st birthday present from my favorite man. Does anyone else save beautiful things (notebooks, clothes, jewelry etc) for a special occasion, only to find that you never actually use half your stuff? Yeah, I am so guilty of that! It was a wrench getting these out of their box, like, seriously, what if I broke one?? Silly Jess.

Ma petite sœur

I really can't think of a better way to spend a warm summer evening than with good friends, in the garden, enjoying a nice cold G&T! 

Think I'm gonna mix it up next week and make some mojitos with the mint my mamma's been growing. Please share if you know a good recipe!
Much Love,



  1. I love gin and tonic. I love Elderflower cordial but have never considered having together these look perfect for the summer weather great suggestion Lucy

  2. Thanks lovely! You should definitely try it, its delicious! x