Sunday, 15 June 2014

The Happiness Project: Week Twenty One

Wow, its just struck me that I have managed to stick at this little series for a whole 21 weeks! Im so proud of myself! And I love that I have a record here of all the lovely little things that happen to me on a daily basis. :)

As per usual, this week has been oh so lovely.

Monday - Mondays happy moment is actually a blogging one. It feels weird to mention the backstage bit of the blog here, but of course, as any of you who blog know, this stuff takes up a lot of time! (and that's only putting out two posts a week!) Anyways, I digress. On Monday, I successfully posted my first ever food post, thanks to my beautiful mamma and her delicious recipes, and I managed to sort the words and the pictures, and still get to bed at a reasonable hour - this never happens! I was so impressed with myself!

Tuesday -Reading in the sun before work, its little things like this that make me feel like there is life outside of the shop :)

Wednesday - Impromptu breakfast outside with my mamma. We sat in the sun, and listened to the birds sing. It was so perfect.

Thursday - Gosh, this week was full of alfresco food. My middle sister came home from uni on Thursday, and we celebrated in the garden with wine and a chicken salad. It was exactly how summer evenings should be!

Friday - Friday didn't so much have one happy moment, as a whole stream moments! The day began in the garden (we couldn't get enough of the place this week!), with a cup of coffee and a proper catch up with my sister, followed by a morning window shopping in town, followed by an afternoon with my man (but more on that another day). Friday was a good day.

a sneak peak of the adventures with my mister :) 

Saturday - Catching up on George Clarks Amazing Spaces with the boy. I have a slight obsession with VW campers, so naturally I love this show (and of course, it totally appeals to my completely middle aged personality). We were so inspired by the couple who built their home in an air stream; such a good way to get on the property ladder!

Sunday - Pre-breakfast Pilates. It felt so good to get up and going, and really make the most of the day.

Much Love,

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