Sunday, 13 July 2014

The Happiness Project: Week Twenty Five

This weeks been kinda a funny one over in The Attic - I've been busy busy, so I've not gotten enough sleep, and have been walking round like a zombie these past few days. Thankfully though, the last seven days were still packed full of happy moments. :)

Monday - One of my oldest friends came to visit, and we spent a long evening catching up. We went old school and did face masks and painted our nails, and it was the nicest. :)

Tuesday - My friends from school are back in town for the summer, so a meet up was very much necessary. We headed over to Hall and Woodhouse, to make the most of their roof terrace. Bath is so beautiful in the evenings.
Oh, and I had a non-alcoholic mojito, and it was delicious. Sometimes being the designated driver isn't so bad.

Wednesday - Society Cafe cold brew made my morning. I was out too late with the ladies, so the early start for work was a challenge, but my iced coffee made it easier.

Thursday - I feel like I've been racing to catch up with myself all week, so a chilled evening in front of George Clarks Amazing Spaces was just what I needed. I'm easily pleased. Also, I now really really really want a VW camper..

Friday - If Fridays happy moment was a picture, it would be a collage. We got brunch. I rode a bike for the first time in four years (I hadn't forgotten how), and we celebrated with a pint (obviously). We BBQ'd with some of my favorite people. I had to leave the party early cuz of sleep and work, but I went to bed with the hugest smile on my face.

Boston tea party. Again. We're an unimaginative pair..

 'Bulmers' The boyf picked up micro and fisheye lenses for his phone, and we've been having way too much fun..

Saturday - My man works in town on a Saturday, so I usually give him a lift home when I'm done. He makes commuting so much more fun. :) On Saturday evening we got a curry, he tinkered with his bike, and we watched The Worlds End, and it was perfect.

Sunday- Catfish marathon. It's my guilty pleasure show for sure..

Much Love

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  1. Sounds like a good week. I think I spent half the week playing catch up too!