Sunday, 31 August 2014

The Happiness Project: Week Thirty Two

Week thirty two! wow! I've been feeling kinda apathetic this week (I think I've just been over tired..) so it has been so so nice to look back at all the nice things that have happened. This series is just the best! (also, Made in Chelsea, NYC is on in the background (guilty pleasure(ish)), so I think I've used words like fabulous, and darling way to much in this post.. apologies in advance.. )

Monday - Spending the bank holiday morning at Breakfast with the lovely Alice. I was at work the rest of the day, but for an hour or so I was able to pretend I was enjoying a relaxed long weekend. We went to Bills, and as ever, the food was fabulous, and the decor a delight. I left a very happy lady. :)

Eggs Royale, on toasted Sour Dough - yuum | a large pot of Earl Grey

Tuesday - Post work binge watching Parks and Rec. Usually an evening like this would drive me mad (I don't enjoy the feeling of having wasted an evening), but perhaps it was because I was tired, or perhaps I just really really love Leslie Knope, but on Tuesday evening, this was exactly how I wanted to spend my time. Leslie is the best!

Wednesday - Bake Off!! Who'd have thought a simple baking show could incite such emotion!

Thursday - The family and I took a visit to visit my grandparents; the sun was shining, and we drank tea on the patio; it was perfect. Their garden is beautiful, and buzzing with wildlife and I spent a happy half an hour traipsing round the lavender beds pointing my camera into the faces of various unsuspecting bees and butterflies. I was very content.

My mug matched my skirt, I was unnecessarily excited about this..

Friday - Spending my day off with the boyf. We pottered about in Bristol, took in some culture, and got lunch at Turtle Bay. They've just opened a place in Bath, but we've never been able to get in, so a quiet lunch time in their Bristol branch seemed the perfect opportunity to indulge in some Caribbean goodness. The food was fabulous -just the right balance of spicy and delicious- the ambiance was super cool, and the cocktails were just the best!! (cocktail hour, 2 for 1 before 7, just so ya know.) We got two glasses of Jammin', a delicious mix of white rum, apricot liqueur, ginger, apple juice, and apricot Jam! If you get a chance to go, I highly recommend it!

Saturday - My mister and I finally got round to booking our first few nights in Thailand. I don't want to say too much here, because I'll probably be blogging about it in the not to distant future, but suffice to say, I am very very excited!

Sunday - Blackadder on TV. Its such a classic, and its been such a while since I've watched it; the perfect way to spend a Sunday evening.

How have your weeks been my darlings? :)

Much Love, 

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  1. What a beautiful garden! And Thailand, super exciting news there!! Looking forward to hearing about it.

    Our week was quiet and uneventful. It's almost the start of the academic tear again, so it's all about enrolling and applying for grants at the moment... snoozefest.