Sunday, 18 January 2015

The Happiness Project 2015: Week One

With things settling back into a familiar routine here in the Attic, I figured it was time to get back to my Happiness Project.

This week has been a relatively quite one; no temples, no beaches, no big travel adventures, but it has been full of lovely moments nonetheless.

Monday - I made the most of this time before going  back to work to research various masters opportunities. Nothing is in anyway set in stone yet, but it's pretty exciting to think that my future has a little more direction at last.

Tuesday - Sunset on the South Bank. By a totally random set of circumstances, I found myself in London on Tuesday, and when all the big touristy experiences were done, I was just as happy to find myself, mulled cider in hand, watching the sun going down over parliament.

Wednesday - A Falmouth reunion. My housemates and I met in Bristol for coffee and a long awaited catch up! These past few months have been pretty exciting for all of us, so it was great to hear all their news. It felt like we'd never been apart. And I got to play with my instant camera, which was super fun.

Thursday - Home made latte!! My god mother gave me a Moka Pot for Christmas, and on Thursday I used it for the first time; the pot is beautiful, the latte was delecious, and the smell of coffee (one of my favourite smells) quickly filled the house. I could not have been happier.

Friday - Tea.Fire.Knitting.Downton. Does it get more idyllic?

Saturday - I went for a little potter to the next village with my Grandmother. The day was cold and bright, which is my favourite, and it was just so lovely to spend time with her and her little Terrier. Family is so important. :)

Sunday - Spending time by the aga, radio on in the background, slowly working my way through my 'to-do-list'.

Much Love,

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