Monday, 20 July 2015

The Happiness Project: Week Five

This week has been a good one! The sun's been out, and I've been busy busy, which I love! Happy Happy Happy! :)

Monday: On Monday I suddenly felt better from my cold and the world literally looked a thousand times better (I had been aching to go travelling all of last week just so I could run away from life and responsibilities and decisions, but after Monday everything all looks so much more bearable!)

Tuesday: After an 11 hour shift I came home to find a beautifully packaged roll of fabric waiting for me! Keep your eyes peeled for Dressmaking Mark II, on the blog soon!

Wednesday: I spent my day off writing about my favorite local indy business, and was totally inspired by how much support there is locally for independent producers and crafts people!

Thursday: Seriously. What is it about Thursdays. I can't remember what I did on Thursday. Again.

Friday: I got totally hyped up on endorphin's after running back to my car after work. I've been skipping the run recently because of the cold (in my head, not the weather obvs.), but Friday really reminded my how much I love that post run feeling. And I get home way faster, its basically just a win win situation.

Saturday: I got that Friday feelin' (on a Saturday. Obviously. #RetailProblems)

Sunday: Sunday morning was the best; dippy eggs and latte for breakfast with dad, surprise visits from the boyf and holiday planning, and testing Rosie's Spelt Risotto recipe, which we enjoyed with several cold glasses of wine and followed with homemade red current cheesecake.
It was a perfect morning (followed by the afternoon from hell trying to organize a Glamping trip for Mid-August, but that's a story for another day I think).

I think we might need to invest in some more grown-up looking egg cups.. 

Much Love, 

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  1. I don't think you need more grown-up egg cups - I love it!