Thursday, 3 December 2015

PHOTO DIARY | Edinburgh pt 1

Well over a month ago now, I had a couple of days off, so jumped on a plane at Bristol to visit one of my oldest (and bestest) friends at Uni in Edinburgh.

Armed with a list of the best things to see (sorry. eat) in the city, we headed off on a self-directed walking tour of the best food places that the city has to offer.

It. Was. Awesome.

We began the day with waffles and brunch pizza at the Swedish bakery Sodaberg.

Full to the brim with delicious Swedish goodness we headed off to climb our first hill of the day; up to the famous Edinburgh castle.

According to local superstition it is unlucky for a student of History to enter the castle before they graduate, so we just looked at it from the outside before heading down to the water of lieth which we joined at the very picturesque Dean village, and followed till we reached the Royal Botanic Garden.

Autumn was in full swing in the gardens, and I was in my element!

With the afternoon wearing on, and the temperatures beginning to drop we decided to take shelter in Cuckoo's Bakery; a quirky tea shop with an excellent cake menu. We shared a pot of tea before filling our bellies with cake (hello chocolate cupcake drizzled with salted caramel!). 

An excellent way to spend an afternoon if I do say so myself.

Much Love,

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