Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Cushion Time.

As is perhaps the case with all young people, I love my bed! When I moved to university two years ago I was finally given the opportunity to invest in the set of classic white sheets I had always longed for. However, I have had a nagging feeling for a while that my bed was missing something; a beautiful cushion.

I searched long and hard through Ikea,Trago Mills and the like, but struggled to find anything to match the colors of my room, let alone my personality. Perhaps its just me being a bit mental, but I totally struggled with the idea of buying a cushion just because- I felt it ought to represent something about me, and as pretty as a pattern of tea cups or a union jack print may be, i just found them to lack a certain something. And don't even get me started on the price! Possibly it is a symptom of student living, but the idea of spending £10- £15 on something I could make for mere pennies just seemed so wrong.

Spending a weekend with my family recently gave me the perfect opportunity to remedy this situation, as I raided my mothers sewing room, and nabbed myself a cushion, some old sheet fabric, and a handful of buttons from a box labeled 'odd buttons'.

I found a tutorial online here, for a simple envelope cushion, decorated with a button heart. The design was so simple, but looks so effective, and I was able to pick button colors that complimented the color scheme of my room. The project was so easy, I completed it within the time constraints of my weekend at home -though perhaps I would have finished even sooner if I hadn't been such a perfectionist about it, insisting on moving a number of the buttons on a number of occasions to get the effect I was looking for. My sister looked at me as if I was crazy as I unpicked yet another button and placed it back down milometers from its original position.

1. The cushion in situ. 2. A close up on the buttons - my favorite was a spare jack wills one I found in my room, I love the brand, and associate the shirt for which this button was a spare with many happy memories. 3) The cushion, I included blue, pink and green buttons to tie in with my room. 

Overall, I was so pleased with the finished result, especially since it was my first attempt at creating a cushion cover (its long over due I know), there's just something about creating something yourself, I feel so proud every time I look at it. It looks so great in my room, and totally completes my bed -though this is not to say that I have ruled out making more, I can sense I might get a little addicted.

Much Love, 

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