Thursday, 14 June 2012

Jess Goes Impulse Shopping. Again.

So the other morning, I woke up and though, 'you know what, I want a chalk board.' As you do. So I headed down to the Trago Mills in town on the hunt for a board.

What I had in mind was a cute little board with a nice wooden frame to match the other furniture in my room. However, Trago was not up for cooperating. All they had in stock was a kids chalk board with a frame painted in gaudy primary colors- totally not the classy chalk board I had in mind.

Thankfully, inspiration struck, and I decided to decoupage the frame, so I headed to this adorable little shop in town where they sell wrapping paper off cuts at like 20p a piece. So I grabbed 3 pieces of this lovely flowery green paper, the color of which matches the lomography camera that hangs on the wall over my bed. All I had to do was attach the paper to the frame, using some PVA I found in a draw. As was the case with the cushion, the project was so simple, so cheap, and the results are so effective. It looks super cute, and will be totally useful for noting deadlines, birthdays, shopping lists, or just inspirational messages.

1. A close up of the pretty paper. 2. 'Chill Out' Note to self- Don't panic about the results being released tomorrow. Possible future message: 'what will be will be'. 3. The board in situ.

Much Love, 

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