Sunday, 17 June 2012


Its funny, when I thought about starting up this blog, I assumed I would be blogging about what I know- needle crafts, however, here I sit, writing my second post in a row dedicated to paper crafts.

My mum came down to Falmouth the other day to pick me up for the summer and we had a little wonder round the town before we left. In my favorite shop, Kit, I discovered paper mache stag and rhino heads, decoupaged in bright colors, and extremely expensive. I was especially taken by the deer- I thought it would totally work in my house, and would add a splash of color to a blank patch of wall in the attic living room. So since I've been home, and had a little time on my hands, I had a search round the internet, and have been inspired by these creations;

I'm thinking at the moment to make the basic shape out of chicken wire which I can nab off the farm, and then cover that in paper mache, and then a final layer of bright paper. But its a bit of an experiment, so we'll have to see how it goes.. Stay tuned for the results. :)

Much Love,

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