Thursday, 28 June 2012

Progress on the Moose front.

Yes. you did read that correctly- the stags head accidentally evolved into a moose. I began by crafting the shape from chicken wire* and it sorta maybe kinda turned out a little bigger than I had planned- though all totally in proportion thank goodness.

1)The completed Frame. 2) Papier-mâché-ing in the sun. 3) The Next step.. (stay tuned)

I then went on to Papier-mâché-the frame, using newspaper and wallpaper paste- I considered using flour and water, but a) we already had wallpaper paste left over from decorating, and b) unlike the flour and water glue, its mould resistant. The process was totally relaxing, just sitting in the garden in the sun, which incidentally was great for drying the layers really quick. I honestly don't think I've Papier-mâchéd since like year 5, and I'd forgotten how fun it is- its so hands on, a totally different experience from sewing. In the end, I did just 4 layers of Papier-mâché, and am now at the stage of deciding weather to decoupage, or simply paint the sculpture.. 

So excited to see the end results! :)

Much Love, 

*Note-to-self and anyone else who wants to give this sort of project a go, make sure you are wearing a jumper, or some kinda protective garment- that stuff is super sharp! I pretty impressively ruined a pair of jeans and scratched up my arm when I was cutting up the chicken wire, (the boyf was actually a bit concerned I'd been self-harming)

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