Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Notice Board DIY

I recently discovered this great blog (ashley-ann has such a beautiful family, and it has been so wonderful to be able to follow them on their journey as they adopted their youngest daughter), and I was so inspired by this awesome diy- I think I was attracted to the yellow frame. I have such a thing for yellow.

I was instantly inspired to create my own chicken wire peg board, but where ashley-ann was able to re-purpose an old mirror from elsewhere in her home, I didn't have that luxury. Since frames can be so expensive to buy (especially very large ones), my mother and I put our heads together, and struck upon a plan; to make one ourselves.

So part one of the DIY began- we bought some wooden molding from Homebase, and cut it to size using a  miter saw (the beauty of which is that it allows you to determine accurately the angle of your cut- meaning achieving the 90 degree angles needed for a professional looking frame was a doddle.) Having screwed the frame together, I treated all the knots with some specialist chemicals (because apparently that's something you have to do..) and finally slapped on a coat of paint- I bought a tiny sample pot of blue paint, again from Homebase.

1.The Mitre Saw 2.Joining the frame 3. A handful of teeny tiny staples. 4. Attaching the Chicken Wire (be sure to hammer the staples in at the deepest point of your frame- you don't want any pointy staples poking through at the front!).

Step Two was to attach the wire to the back of my frame using some tiny staples. This turned out to be SUCH a kerfuffle- it kept trying to curl back up upon itself (it had been stored in a massive roll). Apparently I learned nothing from my previous chicken wire experience- once again my poor arms were scratched to ribbons. (ok. That's an exaggeration. but still. for someone who has used it before, I sure was dumb to not to have been more careful).


I'm so pleased with the end results though, and making the frame myself meant I was able to create a huge board suitable for holding all my dissertation paraphernalia.

Much Love, 

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