Friday, 19 October 2012

The Cushion Addiction Continues..

Soo... A while back I posted about making my first ever cushion cover for my room at University. Right there and then I described how pleased I was with the result, and predicted that I may have caught the cushion making bug. And boy was I right!

Since that post, I updated three cushions for my bed at home, and made another for my University room- An adorable little fox-face.

I had been scrolling through back posts of my absolute favorite blog, when I spotted this cushion which popped up in post after post, it looked so cute and colorful, and I immediately fell in love with it. (You can buy your own here).

In typical student style, I felt opposed to the idea of spending even £26 for something I felt confident I could make myself from scraps of fabric we had lying around at home. So I set to work creating a template for my cheeky fox.

1) My own little fox-face, those ears cradle my neck perfectly. 2) The 3d detailing. This is the first time I have attempted anything more complex than just putting two sides together. So happy with the results. 3) Fox-face's new home.

My cushion is similar in shape to the urban outfitters original, but I made it from denim (because a) we had some spare, b) its hard wearing and c) the stiffness of the fabric made creating the 3d shape easier). The floral fabric for the ears and mouth is scraps from fabric I used for the cushions I made for home, and the nose and eyes are made of black fleece. I stitched them all on using a zig-zag machine stitch to minimize fraying.  I LOVE how tactile this piece is with all the different textures and colors!  I am so pleased with this project (even my dad, who is hardly ever overly enthusiastic about anything, described it as 'fantastic' - which is doubly impressive when you consider that he is a farmer, and as such automatically hates all things fox related).

I wish I could say the cushion obsession was over.. but its not.. stay tuned..

Much Love, 

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