Tuesday, 27 November 2012

My adventures in stamping.

So way way back before the summer (oh how that feels like a lifetime ago- third year you have not been kind), I made my first cushion.. and since then I've been a little addicted.. its just so easy to make something so cool!

So having mastered a basic cushion, I thought I'd try something a bit different; I thought I'd try printing my own fabric. That said, stamps are pretty expensive for what they are, so having read a few blog posts at a beautiful mess, I felt inspired to attempt my own.

Using some craft foam and a block of wood I found lying round in the cellar, I created my very own bunny stamp. I then proceeded to stamp some plain white fabric with blue fabric paint- it was honestly as simple as it sounds; seriously, the most difficult part was the ironing needed to fix the dye, and that was only because I so disprove of ironing on principle. hehe.

1) The cushion in its new home. I love it! Though perhaps its a little odd to keep the bunnies next to the fox.. 2) my fabric 3) the stamp! (I printed a bunny on paper, cut it out and stuck it to the other side, just like a professional stamp!) 

I am so so pleased with the result! Within the space of an hour I had made my very own individual fabric, that is utterly unique, and a stamp that I can use again  for other projects. :)

Much Love, 

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