Monday, 10 December 2012

A Cautionary Tale.

Today's post is full of helpful advice for life: Firstly, no matter how cool it might seem at the time, and no matter how awesome the screen might be for watching movies and playing sims (yes, I really am that cool) a 17 inch laptop is just not practical.
Not only is it super heavy, they also don't make cute covers for laptops this big, (perhaps because no one actually expects you to carry the thing anywhere) but it eventually got to the stage where the two supermarket bags I was using to protect it from the elements no longer cut it. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised,  how was Mr Sainsburys supposed to compete with the torrential rain we suffered recently!?
So I decided to attempt a diy laptop case... and here comes advice for life number 2: follow instructions and measure!!
I just picked up some oil cloth and wadding from the trago mills in town and decided to blag it... I love to make things, but boy did I find this approach to diy stressful.

1) My laptop- snug as a bug in a rug. 2) Its so pink! 3) All ready to be studious in the Library

Im pretty pleased with the results; I think its cute, and you can hardly see the imperfections from a distance, hehe. A couple of people have actually been so kind as to compliment me on the adorable fabric (apparently it looks very cath kidston, Such praise!). That said, I think if I was to make another, I would make sure to measure more carefully-  I had to trim it smaller about 4 times because I over estimated the size of my laptop- such a kerfuffle. Also I think in future I would make the corners curved; I think it would look neater that way, and it would certainly be easier on my sewing machine (the poor thing struggled with the thick oil cloth, and I think getting round the corners was almost one step too far..) 

Much Love,

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