Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Christmas Is Coming...

Christmas is nearly here, and like the child that we all know I am, I am super excited! (though I couldn't say if this is because of Christmas itself, or the prospect of going home for a bit to see my fam.)
That said, what with all the work I've had lately, I've hardly had much of a chance to get decorating, but, the other night, after completing an assignment, I rewarded myself with an evening making some pretty stars for my tree:

1) Im so glad I made them, as it turns out, I left all my other tree decorations at home, so without these my tree would be so very naked! 2) The stars in situ. 3) I love the tartan, it looks so festive! 

They were so simple to make, it was just a case of stitching round the shape, with the right sides together, and the ribbon trapped inside. I'll admit, they look a little wibbly and unsymmetrical  but I like to think that's part of their charm.. Im so happy with them!

Much Love, 

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