Sunday, 30 December 2012

Belated Christmas Posts..

The obvious thing to do with Christmas DIY's is to publish them before Christmas to inspire others .. I however am no where near this organised, (or would it be more positive to argue that I am just super organised for next Christmas..) regardless, here is my Christmas card DIY:
I was inspired by this tutorial to make some simple Christmas cards to send to those I love during this festive season.
 1) My creations 2)  The wobbly stitching.. I like to think it adds to their charm.. 3) A close up of the heart- you can just about see the template behind my stitching- it made this card so simple to make!

My design differs slightly from the original in that it says Merry Christmas where Danyelle's has a lovely valentines message (to be honest, I think the design is so sweet it could probably be adapted to suit any occasion).
I loved doing this craft (sat in front of a Christmas movie, with a hot spiced cider- the dream!), though I feel obligated to warn you that if you attempt to make too many, and even if you pre-punch the holes, you may well end up with blisters on your fingers from the effort of dragging the needle through the card.. I should probably invest in a thimble.. (this is not to say  by the way that you should not attempt to make some of your own- I think the end results are so pretty, its totally worth the discomfort!)
I hope you all had a lovely Christmas, I know I did!!

Much Love,

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