Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree.

So this post is long overdue... like a year overdue... I started this project at Christmas last year, and never finished it; it wasn't till I found it, half finished, shoved into a Sainsburys bag in the back of my wardrobe that I remembered about it at all! and so the other evening I finally sat down in front of the tv (I always seem to craft in front of the tv..) and I managed to finish it, just in time for Christmas!

1) My Christmas tree bunting in situ 2) I picked some pretty flowery fabric to match the blue kitchen (I stole it from my mums fabric stash, yay for free stuff!). 3) I had hoped to hang the bunting above the aga, but unfortunately the wall was too solid to get any pins in, so they had to be pushed into the cracks in the ancient beam. 

I was inspired in this project when I was watching Kirsties Homemade Home a few years back, she had something similar hanging above her own aga, and I wanted to create my own version. 
It was super simple to make, as with the stars I made for my Christmas tree it was simply a case of cutting out the shapes and stitching two together with the right sides facing (don't forget to leave a hole to turn them back the right way, and to insert the stuffing!) I then stitched up the hole by hand and attached the tree's to some blue ribbon, with a bell (to make a super Chirstmassy jingle whenever anyone tall walked into them- not a problem I had, being so little..)
I'm so pleased with the results- even if they are a year late.. 

Much Love, 

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