Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Guess Whose Back..

Soo.. I've been a little absent of late; I was sadly forced to make the mature decision to focus on my education for a while (it paid off, just so ya know). But, I'm back now. For good. Promise.  :)

So. Lets talk Bunting. Yeah, I know, its been done a lot- a quick Google for bunting tutorials resulted in a plethora of different ways to create that instantly recognizable British staple. But on the off chance you're interested, here's how I do mine. I like to think I've got it down to a bit of an art these days; since finishing my degree I've made about 20 meters of the stuff in preparation for the various parties my fam will be hosting this summer!

This particular row of bunting has been inspired by my time living by the sea- its gonna be a little bit of Falmouth in my bedroom in Bath.
Ok, so to begin, create your pendant template (I opted for quite a large triangle, a) because it will be used in a large space, and I dont want it to get 'lost'. and b) because that means less work for me, yay!). Next, cut a strip of fabric the same height as your pendant, and draw out your triangles. 
Once you have cut out all your triangles, pin, and then stitch the shapes together, ensuring you've placed the  rights sides together. There are of course tutorials out there which use only one single sided pendants, but I think this method creates a more professional end product.
Next, I popped on the iron (actually the first time the iron has been used in my student house since we moved in two years ago..) and ironed the triangles rights sides out. Whilst I was at it I also ironed the tape I had bought in half. Most tutorials use proper bias tape, but I invented this method in my head way back when, before I had ever even heard of bias tape, and I just kinda stuck with this method.
I then just combined all the elements; pinning the pendants inside the tape. (I realize here most people would leave a gap between the triangles, but personally, I prefer the look of this method- thought sadly it is less economical fabric-wise)
Finally, sew along the edge of the tape, trapping the bunting within. Et voila! Fini!

1) my template was 9.5" along the shorter edge, and 10.75" along the two longer sides. 2&3) pinning and stitching the rights sides together. 4) pinning the pendants within the tape. 5) the whole thing comes together! 
Much Love, 

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