Wednesday, 19 March 2014

The Makery

So I've been a very bad blogger of late, a very very bad blogger, and its not just the blog that's taken a hit; I got a 'line a day' diary for Christmas, and I've been so great at keeping it up to date. Up till now. I couldn't even manage one measly line a day. Siiiiigh.

I've had a horrid cold, and works been pretty busy, but last night I finally put pen to paper again, and now I'm finally getting round to telling you about one of my most recent adventures; for my 21st Birthday, waaaaaaaay back when, one of my favorite families in all the world gave me a voucher for a place in town called The Makery.

The Makery is a beautiful magical place in bath. They have two stores, one a teeny tiny adorable haberdashery hidden away down a quaint side street full of fat quarters, ribbons and buttons. Its delightful. The other store, a little way out of town, is where they hold all their workshops and hen parties, and this was where I was headed one sunny Friday morning a few weeks back.

The workshop I chose was succinctly named 'Print your own Wallpaper, Fabric & Furniture (And make a lampshade!)' but don't let that put you off! I had the best day! As the name indicates, we spent the day printing our own fabrics, which we made into a drum lampshade.

I'm sure loads of you have seen those awesome rollers pioneered by the painted house, and featured on the Great Interior Design Challenge (and ya know, allll over pintrest), and I got to play with them to my hearts content.

In the end I chose the imaginatively named roller no. 6 the deer print, for my lampshade. Now I just need to find a lamp to put it on...

I was so impressed with the rollers that I actually ended up buying a kit (I probably should have just got them online, its definitely cheaper, but I'm just so childishly impatient..). I can't wait to start decorating all the stuff in my room. Watch out wardrobe, you're first. (and I pinky promise a full blog post/tutorial once I'm done!)

 photo output_uiUvL8_zps150b7024.gif

Side note, if anyone is feeling especially inspired (and you should be, its so easy, and so effective!), you can pick up a lampshade making kit from The Makery here, and the rollers from the painted house here

Hope you're all well my darlings
Much Love


  1. I showed my mummy this post and she loved it!! (also, I do love your blog so) xx MISS YOU.

    1. Aw you cuties! Thank you for my voucher, you guys are so awesome! Miss you too!!! x