Sunday, 2 March 2014

The Happiness Project Weeks Five, Six and Seven

Sooo... I'm useless at blogging...

I've managed to miss two weeks of happiness (one week because I'm just plain rubbish, one because I was stranded abroad on my holidays with no internet- first world problem much). Not just that, but I also never posted the valentines day tutorials I promised! I *did* write them, but I wasn't at all happy with it, aaand my camera was packed for the trip, so the photos were really sucky phone photos, and I couldn't bring myself to post it. sorrrrrreeee.

So here goes; my round up of the top 5 moments of the last three weeks (wow, that's nearly a whole month! I am dreadful. I hang my head in shame)

1- My little jogs round the block have made me so happy lately, especially since the weather has been so beautiful recently! Not that the weather seems to matter all that much; I actually got completely bundled up in fleeces and scarfs and went out in all that wind a few weeks back, and I had an absolute blast!
'but what do you do you do, do you just go out there and gamble about like a bunny?
no, I just run 'till I'm hungry then I stop for a bear claw'
-Sheldon and Penny, The Big Bang Theory
Love this quote, it totally sums up my approach to exercise. 

2 - Valentines day; I was supposed to be babysitting, but unfortunately one of the kids got sick, so the family had to cancel their plans. On the upside, I got to hang out with my favorite man, which was cool. We had a totally laid back curry, and watched the final ever episode of firefly, which I've gotten totally addicted to. To me, it was the perfect way to spend the evening. 

3- Skiiiiiing. I know this is meant to be a list of moments, but I think I'd go well over my target of 5, if I counted each individual happy skiing moment; it was so nice to just spend some time unplugged from the internet, reading, enjoying the fresh air and just generally hanging out with the family. And the scenery was beaut. 

4- I was heading back to work after my holidays when I was cheerfully greeted by a save the children rep with the words 'hello smiley'. Whilst we didn't end up chatting (I was late for work. Standard), the whole incident still made me smile (more than I apparently already was..). Happy people make me happy.

5- My boy and I went on quite possibly the most middle aged date of our whole lives. After running some errands on Thursday morning, we popped into a local antique/junk shop for a nose around. As an ex- history student, I love old things, and this place was a treasure trove of cool stuff! There was so much I wanted to take home with me, but I restrained myself, and left with a sweet commemorative mug that I thought would look adorable with some flowers or pens or a candle in it.

So that's it; my last few weeks in a nut shell. I hope your past few weeks have been as delightful as mine. :)

Much Love

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