Sunday, 9 February 2014

The Happiness Project Week Four

So the Focaccia didn't rise properly, the peanut butter cookies turned into fairy cakes, which became butter biscuits, buuut, I'm writing my weekly round up before 10 pm, so hey, I achieved one of my aims.

This week has felt suuuper busy, and I do feel like I could have made more of an effort to stop and just be. To focus more on being happy, and not just move blindly from one task on the list to the next.* Its why I love this series so much. Just writing this post makes me focus on the positives. I love it!

Monday - I completed my first day of Cassey's Feburary calender. I worked my way through the beginners calender in  January, and the step up to the advanced routines feels huuuge. But I keep trying, and I think I'm improving..

Tuesday - I had the sweetest conversation with my Grandma. I really do love that living close to my fam means they can just pop up for half and hour or so for a cup of tea and a catch up.

Wednesday - The homemade pesto in my sandwich at lunch. Inspired by this recipe, I made my own pesto for my lunch. And it was awesome. So much better than the stuff that you get in jars from the supermarket. This was probably due to the obscene amounts of garlic that I put in. Best. Decision. Ever.

Thursday - I had the day off, so the boy and I played at being tourists and visited the roman baths. I've not been in years, and as a result of it being really gross and rainy out, most of the tourists had decided to stay at home, so the museum was pretty much deserted.

Friday - I was reunited with my sewing machine. I made some sweet little drawstring bags to send to some very special ladies on valentines day. Keep your eyes peeled, hopefully I'll be uploading a tutorial sometime next week. 

Saturday -  Watching The Voice over dinner with my favorite boy. The prefect way to chill out after a busy day at work.

Sunday -  I stumbled across a busker playing outside the abbey  on my way home from work. The skies were clear, the abbey towered majestically above us, the square was practically empty, and the music rang out clear and beautiful across the crisp fresh air. So refreshing. My only regret is that I didn't stay a little longer to soak it in. 

Thinking back, its been a pretty busy week. I am shattered! The aim for next week is definitely to get some early nights! I hope you're all doing well, and that you're weeks are full of happy moments.
Much Love


*check out Ashley's thoughts on the subject. Such a thought provoking post. 

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