Friday, 7 February 2014

Honey Roasted Cashews

So I've been baking lots recently; there's just something so comforting about standing over a steaming pot whilst the rain pours against the windows (even if the thought of my being let loose in a kitchen is less comforting). I wanted to share with you one of the delicious treats I made recently.

The charming Rosie posted this recipe as part of her Christmas hamper series, and I decided to utilise it for the care package I sent to my friend. I also gave a jar to my favorite Aunt as a thank you for letting me 'borrow' her parking space whenever I need to park in town (she's such a babe).

1)Melting the butter and honey 2) the cashew's pre-baking 3) keeping the cashews moving as they cooled. I dont think I really appreciated how important this would be. These things get stiiicky. 

This bake made me so happy. Not only was it easy, it was also uncomplicated; nothing makes me dislike cooking more than when it gets complicated and goes wrong and then I feel stupid and usually proclaim loudly that cooking is rubbish and I didn't really wanna do it anyways. cuz I'm a grown up like that.  Oh and also, these taste awesome. I may or may not have kept a jar for myself. maybe. (i did. I have no regrets) 


Much Love,

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