Sunday, 2 February 2014

The Happiness Project Week Three

Here goes week three, its been lovely.

Monday - Date night with my favorite boy. We went to the stable, which specializes in pizza, pies and cider. I had a Billy the kid pizza, and apple crumble for desert. I left with the hugest smile on my face. *

Tuesday - I finally managed to put together a homemade care package for a friend who needed some cheering up. It was filled with pretty things for her room, and some yummy edible treats that I made all by my self (a real shocker for anyone who knows how much I don't do cooking). It made me so happy to think how happy it would make her when she opened it. The best thing I could think of since I couldn't give her a real life hug. (side note- it arrived yesterday, and she loved it!)

Wednesday - Outnumbered. Oh how I've missed this show! And it was so cute to settle down with the family and have giggle together. (ceci- you were missed!)

Thursday - Fish and Chips. No preparation. No washing up. Enough said.

Friday - In a serious effort to work off Thursday night's fish and chips I ended Fridays Pilates with a delicious post work out chilli hot chocolate. I have no regrets.

Saturday - Spontaneously giving the boyfriend a lift home from work. Its little things like this that I still haven't really got used to being able to do since we stopped doing long distance last August. It was so nice to just be able to catch up on the days events face to face, rather than just over text. Also, if I'm allowed to have two happy moments in one day (and this is my blog series, so my rules, and I say its cool), I also got to hang out with a pretty awesome cat whilst babysitting in the evening. The kids were pretty adorable too. It was a good day all round.

Sunday- Breakfast with my parents. Soothing classical music. The crossword. Tea. I'm definitely old before my time.

Next week I'm gonna try and make some Focaccia for my lunch, and some Peanut butter cookies to take to work. And also I'm going to try not to write this so late at night next time. I don't half ramble when I'm sleepy, and I'm pretty sure none of the sentences I've written make any sense at all.

What're your aims for the coming weeks?
Much Love, 


*I promise this had nothing to do with the cider we drank either.. 

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