Thursday, 30 January 2014

This is a pretty big deal for me.

So, this may not seem like much, but I've so struggled with knitting before, and I think I may finally have cracked it. Maybe..

 this website is genuinely amazing

I'm so proud of myself. Probably overly so. Also, this picture gave me the chance to play with my tripod and self timer. Which was awesome. I'm so easily amused.

Does this make me an genuine middle aged woman. Or have I actually gone so far as to bypass that straight to old lady.. hmm.

So far I haven't even completed a square, and if I'm honest, I wouldn't really know what to do with one if I did, other than just stare and it and marvel at the fact that I actually completed a piece of knitting (lets be real here, who hasn't got an uneven attempt at a scarf hidden away from their childhood). If anyone has any awesome uses for squares of knitting, please let me know. This is the coolest thing I've sound so far..

Whilst I'm here, I wanted to share with you my new discovery 'allo darlin, such chilled out tunes, the perfect accompaniment to an evening of knitting. oh god. I need to get out more. 

Also check out lets go swimming. I think I like it even more than this one, but the video is ruubish.

Much Love,

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