Sunday, 26 January 2014

The Happiness Project Week Two

So I wrote this post once. And then I lost it by accident. grrr. Anyways, This has been a nice week, so I guess I don't mind typing it all out again. 

Monday - I treated the extraordinarily dry ends of my hair to a deep conditioning by whipping up an avocado hair mask (based loosely on the hundreds of recipes on pintrest), My hair felt super soft afterwards, and the bubble bath/hair mask combo was the prefect post run wind down. Happy happy happy.

Tuesday - Breakfast with my pappa. Mornings are usually super hectic in my house, trying to get my myself and my sister out of the house in time for school/work. So any day that I get the chance to have a calm cup of tea with my fam is just great by me.

Wednesday - Another tea related happy moment. After a loooong day at work I relaxed in front of the tv with a hot cup of tea and my knitting (side note: I cant actually knit. but Im trying)

Thursday - I spent a lovely evening with my favorite boy. We chilled out and watched inglorious bastards. It was so nice.

Friday - Everything. Seriously, everything about this day was awesome. But if I had to pick just the one happy moment, I guess it would be the impromptu dog walk I took with my Aunt and her beautiful pup after I bumped into them on my way to the sports center. I love that living close to my extended family means situations like this can happen.

Saturday - Baking. I know this doesn't sound like much, but I seriously never do this, so it was pretty fun for me. Even more excitingly, the brownie actually turned out pretty well. (not that I think it's possible to go too wrong with a cake containing this much chocolate..) 

baking evidence, for those of you who know me in real life and don't actually believe I did it.

Sunday - Tea with my lovely god mother after work. We mostly just chatted about life and work and stuff, but in between all that we also stumbled across a really exciting crafting/business idea. Its nowhere near a fully formed idea yet, so I'm not gonna go into any more detail here, but its definitely something I'm gonna be looking into over the coming months.

Much Love,

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