Sunday, 19 January 2014

The Happiness Project Week One

It seems silly, when I look at how much has been good about this week, that I could ever have felt grumpy. This week has been full of lovely little moments that have made me smile.

Monday- I spur of the moment purchased a (very large) pot of extra virgin coconut oil. I've seen it raved about across the internet, and on Monday, I finally took the plunge. I tried it out as a moisturizer on my legs, and it's so awesome, it made my legs so soft, and the smell was amazing. And there were no chemicals. Basically, I'm a pretty happy lady.

Tuesday- Tuesday actually got two very happy moments; finally getting back to running after a nearly a month off over Christmas, and being reunited with some very lovely school friends over a big plate of noodles at Wagamama's. Does life get better than that?

Wednesday- a catch up with my favorite god mother and her beautiful pup. It's just a shame it couldn't have lasted longer.

Thursday- taking a swim before work. There's something so therapeutic about the freedom of being underwater. Total bliss.

Friday- My boy and I went on an adventure to a neolithic long barrow  not far from where I live. It was such a fun trip, and not a lot of people seem to have heard of it, so we had the place to ourselves; a real hidden treasure. Check it out if you're at a loose end and in the Wellow area.

Saturday- I discovered a new found love for lush cosmetics. I think I always wrote it off because it reminded me of those bath bombs everyone was given too many of as a kid, but I popped in on my lunch break and picked up a couple of really nice natural products- a charcoal cleanser, and a tea tree toner. So far I've been really happy with them.

Sunday- My commute made me smile, it was beautifully sunny, and i had a little extra time, so I took a detour through Sidney gardens, one of the parks in Bath. It was dotted with families, couples and dog walkers enjoying a lazy Sunday morning. It was such a nice reminder that there is life outside work.

I hope you've all had lovely weeks too.

Much Love,

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