Thursday, 16 January 2014

More Cards

So it seems my new positive thinking thing is working; here I am, blogging for the second time in a week!!!

A week or so after Christmas I finally got around to making thank you cards for all those generous relations who gave me the most lovely things for Christmas. They were literally the most simple things to make, all it took was a candle and some watercolours.

1) the tools of my trade 2) 'thanks'

Genuinely the most challenging part of this diy was working out where I'd written the last letter (its difficult to see white wax on white paper don't ya know).This is the perfect craft for doing with the kiddos. Actually, I think I do remember doing this as a kid..

You could also do some really cool stuff with different coloured wax crayons and multi-coloured watercolours. 

I chose something more minimal; as cliched as it is, I made pink 'with love' cards for the ladies, and blue 'thanks' cards for the boys. Im so happy about how they turned out!! Totally adorable. And so quick to make, perfect for when you need a card with a personal touch, but just haven't got the time to go all out.

Much Love

p.s I've just been on pintrest, and found a tutorial where you use light to project a template through the card.. this would have solved the occasional  problem of overlapping letters because I couldn't see where I was writing!- wish I'd thought of that before I made them!

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