Sunday, 13 April 2014

The Happiness Project: Weeks Eleven and Twelve

I was a little preoccupied last Sunday by the thought of a four day training trip for work, so my happiness project rather fell by the wayside, which is sad. So once again, I find myself recapping several weeks of happy moments in one big go; here we have it, my top five moments from the last two weeks. 

1 - Banana pancakes; we celebrated the return of my little (ish) sister over a breakfast of tea and pancakes. Banana pancakes. There are loads of recipes for wholesome, paleo, three ingredient banana pancakes. But to be honest, this was a Sunday. And Sundays aren't for being wholesome. Sundays are for indulging, relaxing, and lingering a little longer (on which note, these two posts by AshleyAnne are really awesome. here and here). So, inspired by this song, and  this recipe, we set to to whip up a tower of bananary goodness. It was perfect.

We've always cooked pancakes straight on the hob, it works great, and totally saves on washing up, whats not to love!

2- I so wish I had some photographic evidence of this one, but my second happy moment occurred once I'd gotten over my fear of the work training trip; I actually ended up having the best time, meeting some seriously cool people, and achieving some  really epic epic things that I would never have thought possible before I went. 

3 - I got back way earlier than expected from my trip, so I picked up my favorite boy, and we went for a potter through the countryside. Sometimes it really is the simplest things in life that make you the happiest. 

oh, and we got to hang out with some baby pygmy goats too. so that was awesome.

4 - Dinner with one of my favorite families. The food was delicious, the company was loud and raucous. It was perfect.

5 - Friday- all of it. My mister and I headed into town in the morning for a picnic in the sunshine, and an exploration of Victoria parks' botanical gardens (I'd never been!), followed by a walk  along the canal with one of my favorite puppies, and a catch up with his mamma (who is incidentally also quite probably the best godmother in all the world). And after that I popped round to a friends for some delicious vegan dinner, with  more of my favorite people. Happy Happy Happy Happy   

6 - sorry, this fortnight was just too lovely, so I couldn't help but sneak in an extra happy moment. Today my sisters and I spent some time unwinding in the beautiful bath spa. We completely wrinkled ourselves in the pool before heading up to the rooftop to watch the sun set over the city. We ended the evening reheating our cold fingers and toes in the steam rooms. The perfect end to a very busy few weeks.

I hope you're all been enjoying this beautiful weather as much as I have!

Much Love,


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