Thursday, 22 May 2014

Blanket Inspiration

I'm crocheting a blanket, and my goodness its a slow process (duh!). The blanket is getting bigger slowly, but the massive ball of yarn I bought doesn't seem to have got any smaller.. (this is frustrating because I'm not following any instructions for this one. I'm literally just gonna keep going till I run out of wool.)

In an effort to keep myself inspired, I've been browsing Pintrest (of course), and I thought I'd share the some of my favourite pins with you. Because crochet is super beautiful.

- Colour blocking - 
- Be still my beating heart. Love those muted shades - 
- Technical skills to aim for - 
- Granny squares -
- Bright stripes -
- Splashes of mustard -
- Squares within squares -
- Pretty blues and greens -
- I spy the Eiffel tower -

Much Love,

Links found:
 here, here, and  here

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