Sunday, 4 May 2014

The Happiness Project: Weeks Fourteen and Fifteen

Some highlights from the last fortnight:

1 - Evening stroll through town - We were headed to the annual Easter fair in Victoria Park, but by the time we got there, it was already shut up for the night. doh!
But I snapped this pretty shot of one of my favorite places in town, so that made me happy. Doesn't it look so magical all lit up with fairy lights.

Kingsmead Square

2 - Jacobs Coffee House - Having arrived for work 2 hours earlier than necessary (on purpose this week), I retreated to my favorite coffee house Jacobs, with a book and a coffee. Jacobs is a beautiful place, and I cant rate the ocean at the end of the road highly enough. Its been a long long time since I've not been able to put a book down, but this is so beautifully written. Neil Gaiman captures the essence of childhood like nothing I've ever read before.

4 -  The Herd - This place is umaaaazing. They do quite possibly the best steak I have ever eaten. The service was great, the atmosphere was great, if you get a chance to go there, definitely take it! (and take me with you, pretty please!) Though I'd advise you to book; the restaurant is pretty intimate, so seating is limited.

5 - Rainbows - This moment wasn't anything expensive, or intentional, but I was heading downstairs last Sunday evening, and I happened to glance out of the window, and saw the loveliest view. Everything was beautiful and green after the rain and it made my heart happy.

And having run outside to experience it for myself, I found this rainbow waiting for me, just chilling out over the shed.

6 - Another walk with one of my favorite puppies - We did a section of the bath skyline, and it was wonderful. Gentle rolling hills, beautiful views over the city, and the little man doing his best please give me a treat face.

'a treat, for me?'

How have your fortnights been? 

Much Love,


  1. Gorgeous photos! You are definitely making my wanderlust act up! ;) I love me some UK. I'm hoping to travel lots with our little guy!


  2. Thanks Katie! It was so sweet of you to stop by. :) And isn't traveling the best! your little one's going to love it! So many new places in the world to explore! The UK's definitely worth checking out. Though I might be a little bit biased about that.. xx