Wednesday, 25 June 2014

The Tower Tour, Bath Abbey

Did ya know you can climb to the top of The Abbey in Bath?

I sure didn't! It wasn't until I overheard a colleague telling a customer that it was one of the best things to do in town that I even heard about it!

The tour costs £6 per person, and takes about 45 minuets.

We started off in the beautiful abbey, before climbing a flight of secret stairs into one of the eastern towers.

Up up up we climbed, until we reached the lowest section of roof.

After crossing the roof, and making the most of the stunning views, we headed into the main tower section, to check out the bell pulls. There's a bit of a talk about the bells and how and when they are rung, which, if you're not especially interested in churches and history (what you mean you don't love that stuff..?) could be perceived as a little dry, but the guides are sweet, and seem genuinely interested in their subject, and it doesn't last too long.

From there the group was split into two, and taken to see the top side of the beautiful roof we had seen earlier. More impressive than it sounds, honest! The other group headed through the roof and into the clock tower.  I think this might actually have been one of my favorite parts of the tour. Partly because it was so warm in there (I'm a bit of a lizard, I need an external source of heat to keep me warm!), and partly because it just looked so cool. Definitely not something you see everyday. :)

After a quick detour to take a peak at the bells, we headed up to the top of the tower. Round and round and round we climbed until we stumbled out onto one of the best views of the city I have ever seen.

We chilled out on the roof for as long as it took for us to fully take in the views (by which of course I mean take a million photos. Obviously).

Leaving the roof, we climbed down down down down down, taking in a few final views of the city, before we landed ourselves back in the sunshine in the abbey courtyard.

We ended the afternoon in the sunny beer garden of the beautifully redecorated Boater. Cider in the sunshine, on the banks of the river Avon. Whats not to love.

If you're in Bath and looking for something to do, I would highly recommend both the tour, and the pub. :)

Much Love, 

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