Sunday, 29 June 2014

The Happiness Project: Week Twenty Three

The rain may have descended towards the end of the week, but that hasn't dampened my enthusiasm for the last 7 days. Pun intended. I'm in a good mood, indulge me. ;)

raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens..

Monday - I got another free parking space near town. I know I used that as my happy moment last week, but seriously, this never happens. My sister suggested I take a photo to commemorate the moment, and I almost took her up on it, it was genuinely that exciting. 

Tuesday - I dragged the boy over to mine for an hour or so. We spent the evening just chatting in a hammock in the garden. It felt like such a treat.

Garden Scenes

Wednesday - An evening in front of the tv. As I said last week, this series really is about celebrating the little things. :)

Thursday - Pizza and Cocktails at Yammo. Possibly my review is biased, because we didn't get to the restaurant till half eight, so by the time the food arrived, I was starrrrrving!!! But this really was the nicest place. The decor was lovely, the staff were really attentive (but not intrusive), and the food was simple, but expertly executed! And the cocktail menu was good. We was so inspired to create our own versions at home!

We headed back with such high hopes to mix some cocktails at his, but in reality we fell asleep on the sofa in front of family guy. Such is life.

Friday - This was totally just the loveliest day. My mister took me for brunch at the Boston Tea Party. He had pancakes with maple syrup and bacon, and I had pancakes with yogurt and compote. And tea, lots of tea! Despite their having been a part of the bath scene for many years, I'd never actually been, but I can safely say that I would definitely go back! It has such a chilled vibe (complete with obligatory hipster writing a screen play -we assume- in the corner), and was the perfect place to while away an hour or so.

We spent the afternoon window shopping (I went to stare at the beautiful bobbin birdy... sigh), followed by an evening binge watching parks and rec. This was one of those days that made me wish everyday could be a day off.

Saturday - Pajamas. Blankets. Blogging. Tea. The perfect recipe for a chilled evening. Some days you just need time like this.

Sunday - Dinner with the fam. The food was good, and the conversation was better. It was an evening filled with wine, and big belly laughs. We've not had one like that in a while round here, so it felt good. :)

Much Love, 


  1. Your rose photographs are beautiful. Your Saturday sounds like how I just spent my Sunday, blankets, TV, cuppa tea and blogging, sometimes it's all about the little lazy days.

  2. Thank you so much Rachel! Lazy days really are the best! I hope you enjoyed your Sunday as much as I enjoyed my Saturday. :) J x

  3. I love the roses! I'll have two lots of that Saturday please!

    1. Saturday really was the nicest! I hope you get your pajama evening soon lovely! :) J x