Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Iced Cold-Brew Coffee

So I don't really know what this post is, its not really a recipe, its not an adventure, its just a thing that happened, that I'm gonna tell you about.

Last week I popped into Society Cafe; they've just opened a new cafe on my way to work, so obviously I have been making the most of it! Being a hot day, I opted for their cold brew (this was my first foray into the world of cold brew, so I wasn't really sure what to expect).

The barista was so sweet, and explained the process to me, and showed me the device they use to make it. I've got so much love for this place, and their lovely staff.

I was surprised, but not unhappy to receive my cold brew in a cute little bottle, which I took home to use the next morning. After a quick google (I was inspired by this recipe here, and also this one), I decided just to pour the cold brew into a glass, with ice, and milk. Simples.

 mandatory marbling photograph 

Combine your drink, and enjoy in the sunshine. Take a moment to breath and enjoy the morning before heading off to face the world. 

How could you not start your day with a smile on your face when the weather looks like that, you've got an iced drink in your hand, and there are flowers like these smiling in the sunshine. 

I think next time, I'd like to experiment with coffee ice cubes, and or using Alpro coconut rice milk in place of regular full fat. Have you guys played about with your Iced Coffee? What things did you try?

Also, has anyone made their own Cold Brew.. the internet assures me its easy, but I don't know if I believe it.. :)

Much Love,


  1. That looks really nice! I really like iced coffees, not so much iced tea even though I love hot tea. I think the coffee ice cubes would be a nice idea :)

    1. I totally get what you mean about iced tea. I'm a massive hot-tea fan, and the iced version is just a little disappointing. :P J x