Sunday, 20 July 2014

The Happiness Project: Week Twenty Six

This weeks been a funny one, full of accidents and family kerfuffles, but that's what this series is about I guess. Making the most of those few moments that made me smile, even if the rest of the week has been challenging. :)

Monday - Monday was a busy one, but I managed to squeeze in some room tidying, which was such a relief! In the spirit of honesty I have to admit that I'd been wading though piles and piles of laundry for at least a week, and it was really starting to get to me (sometimes being busy has its downsides!). Thankfully it really didn't take all that long to rectify. :)

Tuesday - I managed to score myself not one, but two free coffees, thanks to Waitrose, and Society Cafe. Yay for free stuff!!

Wednesday - Wednesday was a funny one. But I got to spend the evening with my middlest sister, which was lovely. Family is so important.

Thursday - My sister and I went to visit our Grandma. She's the most inspiring 79 year old I know, and I can only hope I am as living life as fully as she does when I am her age ! 

(oh, and the weather was so beaut, I couldn't resist getting out to snap some shots!) 

Friday - Friday was just the best! I could probably fill a whole post with Fridays happy moments (don't worry, I wont, I'll try and condense them down to a few sentences here..) My mister and I got brunch at the Wild Cafe, which I can't recommend highly enough (especially their avocado toast and pancakes!). Did some shopping. Visited Photographique in Bristol to get my lomo film developed. Had a pint in Start the Bus. Enjoyed a BBQ, visited the Harbourside festival and finished the day in The Hatchet, Bristols second oldest pub (so old they don't even have a website..) What a claim to fame.. :P

Sunday - Post work pizza, binge watching parks and rec. The prefect remedy to a stressful day after the night before.

Sunday - Dinner with the famalam. So many giggles were had, and my heart was very happy.

A short but sweet summary of my week. I hope you've all been having lovely weeks, and have managed to avoid the storms that have been battering Somerset this week! :)

Much Love


  1. My entire weekend was washing clothes... sucks. Ahh, harvest is my favourite time of the year for the countryside!

    1. everything here is so beautiful and golden, and smells like summer (harvest has a really specific, dusty kinda smell, that possibly I only notice because I experience it every year). Harvest is the best!!
      (and sorry to hear about the washing! I hope next weekend is better!!) Jx