Sunday, 27 July 2014

The Happiness Project: Week Twenty Seven

This weeks been a busy one, so much so that I didn't even get round to posting any mid week blog posts (bad Jess!) Thankfully, next week is looking calmer, and I already have plans for some blog worthy adventures with my man, so things are looking up! :)

Monday - My middling sister and I ended our busy busy day drinking G&T's, watching Dirty Dancing (can I admit that I don't really get all the hype around this movie), and sewing. It was so civilized. :)

Tuesday - An evening watching Parks and Rec (I think I might be obsessed..), and eating garlicy cheesy mushrooms on toast. I'd feel bad if we lived like that everyday, but every now and again an evening like that makes me happy.

Wednesday - I over slept (still playing catch up from last week), so had a rushed, stressful morning. But the bus diver was the happiest bus driver I've ever met, and he totally lifted the tone of my morning. Seriously, if he could be that happy whilst at work, I had really no excuse not to be at happy whilst I was wandering around not at work!

Thursday - I don't read like a used too anymore, but over the last few weeks I've really gotten into Gone Girl, by Gillian Flynn. I know its no classic, and it probably wont last like an Austen, but it really got me hooked, and that's not something that's happened to me in a long while (I actually chose to get the bus the other day, because I could read on the bus, which I couldn't in the car, of if I was walking). I was so excited to get to the end, and find out how things turned out. And then I realized I'd finished it, and couldn't read it anymore, and I felt a bit lost..

Friday - That moment when I realized it was a Friday, and I had the whole weekend off. This literally never happens, so I was pretty excited! :)

Saturday - Saturday was perfect. Brunch, shopping, Parks and Rec, Shed of the Year. And a picnic in the bottom of the garden. We'd aimed to find a nice cool river to swim in, but we kinda ran outta time. So we compromised with a picnic. Which we had intended to take to a secluded field somewhere. But we got too hungry to walk, so we just got as far away from the house as possible, and pretended we were somewhere else. Post picnic we lay in the setting sun, listening to the birds, and the wind in the trees (or at least I listened, the boyf probably was probably busy thinking about something much more sensible and important..) It was the best.

Sunday - Having spent the last month putting off making any decisions about the jabs I need for traveling I finally knuckled down ready to make some appointments with the doctor tomorrow. Well done me. :P

Much Love


  1. I love seeing people who enjoy their jobs, I miss that. Ahh, the infamous Friday feeling, that's a good one. That picnic is a great idea and you have a lovely garden to just get away from things in :)

    1. Thanks!! The picnic really was the best! It was just the best day!! :) x