Thursday, 31 July 2014

Diana f+

I once bought a Diana f+ on a whim (based entirely on how beautiful it was..) and a week or so ago, the mister and I headed over to  Photographique in Bristol to get the film developed (I haven't been able to find anywhere in Bath than would process the 120mm film).

 1) The mountains of La Clusaz 2) Our rental cottage in France 3) The field outside my house 4) My favorite puppy. 
5) My house 6) That field again 7) A double exposure: the field before the crops turned yellow, and my house 8)  The Dordogne river 

So many random shots from the last year, so much that I had forgotten I had captured. I really love that about film photography. :) 

I can't recommend Photographique highly enough. The girl at the tills was so helpful when I asked about the differences between the films, and most of my photos came out really well! Last time I had a reel developed, only about 3 shots were successful.. I'm still not sure if I'm to blame for that, or if it was the place I got the film processed..

Do any of you shoot with a toy camera? Any tips for getting good shots?

I know I need to overcompensate less for the small difference between what is seen through the view finder, and what is shot through the lens. There was way more sky in most of my photos than I had intended... Though I kinda like that..

Its a learning process. :)

Much Love, 

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  1. I love the photos that you have created. I just love the look of film photos, they have so much more atmosphere that digital ones. Sorry, no tips from me, never tried film photography!