Monday, 4 August 2014

The Happiness Project: Week Twenty Eight

I was just toooo busy having fun (and also, ya know, work and such..) yesterday to post this. Sorry! So here it is, last weeks happiness project! :)

Monday - With a few moments to spare before work, I found a quiet spot in the sun, called the Doctors, and booked those pesky Jabs that I was talking about last week. It felt such a relief to finally be getting that process started! Now I just need to stop procrastinating and sort out my insurance, and I'll be good to go!

Tuesday - Had said jabs. It hurt, and I went a bit mad after.. but every time I get jabbed in the arm, I'm one step closer to Thailand! And thats exciting!! :D

Wednesday - Lunch at The Wheatsheaf  for my Grans birthday. :) The food was good, the company was excellent, and I was a very happy lady.

Thursday - After a busy few days, it felt nice to chill out in the evening with my mister. We drank cider and he let me watch George Clark's Shed of the Year. I'm not sure how he felt about this, but for me, this was literally perfect!

Friday - We tried to have a blog worthy adventure in Bristol, but the weather got in the way, and the museum we went to was a bit rubbish and full of screaming kids (I guess thats what you get for going to a free museum in the hollidays..) But the tasting board of local ciders the boyf bought us at lunch sure made up for it...

Saturday -  My middling sister recently learned to make Sri Lankan curry from a real Sri Lankan family, so she decided to throw a dinner party. The company was delightful, and the food was just the best. She's a clever little chicken my middling sister. :)

Sunday - The Steam Fair came to town, so obviously, the boy and I went to see it for ourselves. It was a little quiet for my liking (I should have expected as much from a Sunday evening..), but this meant it was perfect for taking photos of all the beautiful old fairground toys. And the candy floss was still delicious! I'm easily pleased..

 Beautiful Bath 

How have your weeks been my lovelies? :)

Much Love, 


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  1. I love going to the fair, I think I might go this weekend as there is one on in Brussels at the moment :)
    ~ K