Thursday, 7 August 2014

Cycling to Bristol

Once upon a time, there was a railway line that ran between Bristol and Bath. Abandoned with the decline of the coal industry, the path is now a 13 mile, off road cycle route connecting the two cities.

A little while back, my middling sister and I spent a lovely couple of hours in the sunshine, making our leisurely way from Bath to Bristol.

The start of the railway line is a little way out of town, but was reasonably easy to find; just follow the river out of Bath, and keep your eyes peeled for the signs for the railway (everything on this route was super well signed).

The path itself is pretty much entirely flat (thank goodness!), and dotted with places to sit, pieces of art, and points of historical interest. And pubs. A very important part of any cycle ride. 

 Over half way there! We were pretty proud.. 

 Warmley station- they had a cafe on the platform, serving lovely coffee, and ice creams. 

Staple Hill Tunnel - A cool respite from the midday sun! 

Once we arrived in Bristol, we were about ten minutes cycle from Broadmead shopping center, an easy ride by anyone's standards; flat and quiet, and well sign posted (so we had no excuse for getting lost!)

The view was probably not as nice as some of the canal routes I've done before, but I guess that's a case of personal preference. And I certainly wouldn't let it put me off cycling that way in future! 

It was such a nice way to spend a couple of hours. And it was good exercise. And it was free. Whats not to love! And whether your cycling Bath to Bristol as we did, or Bristol to Bath, you'll never be short of things to do once you reach your destination; both cities have so much to offer, whether you're looking for a little history, some culture, or just a nice cup of coffee. :)

The cycle path was a great way to pass a few hours, and I would definitely recommend it if you're looking for a day out this summer. Their website provides a good map detailing the access points for the route, perfect if you're looking for something a little shorter for the kiddos.

Much Love, and Happy Cycling. :)


Sorry about the picture quality in this one.. I just wasn't committed enough to the cause to drag my hefty DSLR around with me. I thought it was quite enough that I managed to cycle the whole distance.. :P 

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  1. Sounds like a great route to take! There are so many cycle roots here in Belgium, we must start trying some of them out :)

    ~ K