Sunday, 10 August 2014

The Happiness Project: Week Twenty Nine

Where does the time go!??? I can't believe how fast this last year has gone; I've been out of Uni a whole year! Traveling is getting scarily close now.. I both can't wait, and also wish time would slow down a bit, I am so not prepared to navigate South East Asia..!

But in the interest of not wishing that time away too fast, lets take a moment to reminisce (that is so not spelled how I expected..) about the last seven days.

Monday - Mondays happy moment was unexpectedly seeing my Mister after work. Admittedly, his motives were purely selfish (he wanted a lift out of town), but still, it was the nicest surprise to bump into him. :)

Tuesday - Burffday celebrations!  Dinner and cocktails at Opium, which is like, just the coolest place! I was so childishly excited by the decor that its a wonder they served me at all! (Its basically a curiosity shop, in which they also serve delicious cocktails)  If you're ever in bath, make time to go! (£5 a drink before 9). Its a little tucked away, under the arches of Pulteney Bridge, but the cocktails, and the general ambience of the place more than reward you for your effort!

Blurry phone photos. Literally the only photos I took this week. (And clearly I didn't even take one of them!)

Wednesday - When thinking ahead to my week, I figured the best moment of Wednesday was bound to be  hungover brunch, but as it turned out, my favorite moment consisted of curling up under a blanket on the sofa, with my favorite man, watching day time tv. Its funny how these things work out.

Thursday - Reading bedtime stories to the kids I babysit; I can't believe how much they've grown up! It feels like such a privilege to see them get older, and change from little babies, to kids you can actually have a conversation with. And on a much less sentimental note, whats not to love about babysitting; you get paid to watch tv, and drink tea. Its the best.

Friday - I was a pretty grumpy lady, but the beautiful Leslie Knope cheered me right up. I am so easily placated..
this girl gets me

Saturday - I got a suuuuuuper early night (something I hope to replicate this evening). It was so nice to know that I could just chill, and read a couple of chapters of my book, and not completely ruin any chances of being conscious today.

Sunday - Getting back to Bblogilates. I've fallen out of my routine lately (again), and I'd forgotten how good it feels to work out. Yay endorphins!

I'm heading to London next week to see some uni mates, so keep your eyes peeled for some exciting London adventures over the next few weeks. :)

Much Love,


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  1. Asia sounds like a lot of fun!! I think I'd be tempted to wish away the time, just a tiny bit! ;)

    ~ K