Monday, 18 August 2014

The Happiness Project: Week Thirty

Thirty weeks!!?

I have sad news. I am writing this on my teeny tiny tablet, a day late, because my beautiful, trusty, ancient* Dell is dying. Or dead.. im not sure. Either way, I am distressed!!!!

That aside,  last week was a good one!!

Monday - All the family came for tea. It was so lovely to have everyone around the same table. I so often forget how fortunate I am, but on Monday I really felt it. 

Tuesday -  Landan tooooown. I hardly ever make it to the city, so i was pretty excited to find myself in town with a few hours to kill, before being reunited with some of my favorite uni ladies!!

Sneaky second happy moment: we spent the evening watching Disney (frozen). It was just like old times!!

Wednesday - The day was spent pottering. Dogs were walked. Coffee was drunk. Sushi was made. Bake Off was watched. And I finally got to see the second Hunger Games movie, which I loved even more than expected! I went to bed very content. :)

Thursday - London again. I went to Libertys (better even than I imagined!) and the British museum, and ended up enjoying a delicious dinner at Whyte & Brown, which we stumbled across completely by accident! (It was so good, I was only a little bit disappointed when I realised we'd walked straight past Byron Burger! Next time!!)

Friday - I began the satisfying process of clearing out my computer,  and backing up my files. Which in and of itself is a good feeling. Even more so in light of all the laptop trauma that has gone down since. Most relieved lady right here!!

Saturday - This is probably the lamest thing I have ever admitted to here, but Dan Radcliffe was on the radio as I drove to work, and he was so adorable, I couldn't help but smile. Every time I think I'm over my Potter obsession, something like this comes along, and draws me straight back in. Oh Jess!

Sunday - Pre laptop death, I enjoyed a happy few hours internet window shopping. Oh Free People, how you tempt me!

Much Love,

*you know that one they all used on like season one of Gossip Girl. 17 inch screen. Completely impractical.  But my constant companion these last 6 years. As much as I regularly declare that I would like to punch it in its face for being so so impracticality slow,  I have grown rather fond of it.. :(


  1. London is one of my favourite places to go :)

  2. Oh I wish I could make a laptop last 6 years! They always die on me after about 3! Suck either way though. Looks like you had fun in London.