Thursday, 14 August 2014

DIY | Camera strap

Yay, finally, a craft based blog post! My heart is happy. :)

Inspired by this tutorial (discovered through pintrest, unsurprisingly),  I made myself a beautiful strap, for my beautiful new camera.

I bought some webbing from The Makery, and everything else I managed to find lying around in my house.

Where the original tutorial used masking tape to mark out the design, but as I couldn't find any (I'll be honest, I didn't look that hard..) I decided to create a template on card, and trace it onto the tape using my magic disappearing fabric pen.

I then painted my design using some fabric paint I found lying around in a draw (as ya do).

I actually ended up mixing the fabric paint with a regular acrylic (the original just tutorial used standard acrylic), to get the colours right. I'm not sure how that will affect its permanency, I guess we'll have to wait and see for that one. 

Once the design had dried, I folded it through the clips, and stitched all round the edges. I also stitched a cross through the square, to reinforce the ends (I'd be pretty devastated if it broke, and my beautiful new baby went tumbling to the ground!!)

I'm so so happy with the results!

It was so easy to make, and such a cheap way to get a new strap! And its so much less conspicuous than having the word cannon draped about my neck; perfect for my South East Asian escapades!

Much Love, 

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