Monday, 8 September 2014

The Happiness Project: Week Thirty Three

So I'm a bit late with this, I was too busy with the fam yesterday (if ever there was a good excuse for being late, I think this might be it).

This week was just one of those weeks, nothing much has happened, but the time has passed anyway, as time so often does.

But in the spirit of this Happiness Project, it hasn't been all bad. :)

Monday - With Monday being the first of the month, it seemed the perfect opportunity to jump back on the fitness train (again). Pilates never fails to make me happy, (even if I do get really really grumpy when I'm doing it), yay endorphins!

Tuesday - Is it lazy to say Pilates day two? Firstly, proud that I managed to stick at it for more than one day, and secondly, it was a legs day, which I love, so double yay! :)

Wednesday - Early nights. With the changing of the seasons, I've gotten that new school year feeling, and am determined to get better habits, I've been eating better, drinking more water, and trying to make sure I get more sleep. Waking up not exhausted, is a good feeling.

Thursday -I spent a little time flicking back though old photos, and reminiscing over my trip to the Harry Potter studios last year. My heart felt so happy to think back over the time that I shared with my sisters that day; its moments like this that really make me thankful for my camera. Sure its nice to take beautiful photos of places, and things, but really, its the people, and the moments that we shared that I want to remember. :)

Friday - After an early start, and a bit of a walk, I had my last jab! One step closer to Thailand!

Saturday - The fam and I sat down to the best exotic marigold hotel. Its probably the only film we ever really watch together, and I really really love it. Everything about that film is just beautiful; the music is beautiful, the colours are vibrant, and the cast is fabulous. Its such a feel good film, and it made me a very happy little lady. :)

Sunday - We had a massive garden party at ours to celebrate several big birthdays. The sun shone, the wine flowed and there was a hog roast. Also, check out this cake!! (my sister is a marvel in the kitchen!!)

Much Love,

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