Thursday, 11 September 2014

DIY | Pencil Skirt

Way back when, before I went to Laaandan, (the day before actually..) I decided to make myself a pencil skirt. As ya do..

Having perused many many tutorials on Pintrest, I decided to take the easy way out, and drew around a pencil skirt that I already owned. (I added about an inch either side as seam allowance, and to accommodate for the difference in stretch, and the fact that the original skirt had a zip, and the new one wouldn't.. Better it be too big than too small right?)

From there, I grabbed my mammas Overlocker (serger), and with right sides together, stitched up the seams. Having made my basic skirt, I tried it on, established where it needed to be smaller (the added seam allowance made it way bigger than necessary) and adjusted accordingly. Seriously. It was that easy.

cheeky shot of my new favorite sandals

Probably my favorite thing about this skirt is the print; I just love it! And it was completely free! My mamma bought a whole load of it ages and ages and aaages ago, so I 'borrowed' a bit from her fabric stash.

I'm so so happy with the results! It's exactly as long as I wanted (the perfect length for autumn!), and the fabric is super cute (and also super forgiving - so no dramas trying to line up the print). I think I'm gonna use it as a template for a tank dress next summer..

Have you ever tried making your own clothes? How did it go??

Much Love, 

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  1. I love DIY clothes, I have some fabric sitting on my table to make in to a dress at some point :)